Do you yearn for a safe, sacred space where you can share the story of your life and make greater meaning of it? Are you experiencing emotional or spiritual pain and want to work through it by an approach unlike traditional counseling or religious direction? Are you looking for new tools to help you move forward?

Then, you are very likely to resonate with me and Sacred Fields of Possibility.

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The care and course of counsel she offers, guides and empowers one to face painful truths with strength and honesty, without fear of judgment or reservation.Note from Client

My compassion, calming presence, and a willingness to engage in deep, active listening are some of what I offer to you. I possess the ability to ask questions that go to the heart of the matter and I always believe in the innate wisdom of those with whom I work.

Many people find spiritual support in faith or religious communities. That’s wonderful! However, even individuals who are deeply committed to their religious communities can find it difficult to talk to their minister or pastor about the most difficult times in life. You might prefer to keep your pastor in that role of minister/teacher and meet with someone else to work through what’s troubling you. Please know that many individuals and couples feel that way. Many ministers understand this dynamic. In fact, ministers often refer congregants to me, knowing that my role will be very different than theirs.

If you have questions about your beliefs, you might be feeling tension within your religious circles. I provide a space in which you can talk without fear of being misunderstood or questioned for your exploration.

A greater number of people are choosing to forego involvement with a church. If you are without a faith community, your decision certainly doesn’t mean you do not have a spiritual life—and one that is full of experiences and questions and personal beliefs. Support is important to you, too, and you will find it here.

Sacred Fields of Possibility is an open space in which you can sincerely talk about your faith, your questions, your doubt, your growth, and all of the ways you are drawn to connect with the Divine.

There are a number of reasons why people choose my approach to counseling. Some of those reasons are listed on the FAQ’s page, under the question, “Why might I consider spiritual or grief counseling?” And, you may learn more about Sacred Fields of Possibility on the Services page.

I draw from a rich cache of clinical, therapeutic, and spiritual practices. These practices help you link your inner world to your exterior world in practical ways.

I also work with employers who want to provide my services as an employee benefit. If you are an employer, please contact me for more information on ways I can help you support your workforce.