Don’t know exactly where to begin?

As a clinically-trained chaplain and minister, I can help guide you, your family, and friends through public or private expressions of grieving and celebrating the precious gift of your beloved’s life. Tell me about your loved one and allow me to prepare a memorial/funeral service that honors her/his unique life. Themes that carried him/her through life can now help to carry you and others through the memorial service.

My education and training in multi-faith spirituality and religion, clinical chaplaincy and pastoral care, grief counseling, and pastoral thanatology (the study of death and dying) merge into a unique method of support and guidance. You may learn more about Sacred Fields of Possibility on the Services page.

Consultations are always free of charge. Pricing for memorials and funerals are based on the amount of time I will spend in preparation and delivery.

You created a service that made everyone who attended feel like they – and you – had known Una forever, although the two of you had never met. Note from Former Client

End-of-Life Support

Death is an inescapable component of the human journey. Much of life is spent in denial of this certainty. Conversation about approaching death as active participants—either as the one facing death or as a loved one of someone who is dying— is not comfortable for many people. And yet, the near-death and dying experience can be among the most sacred moments of life.

I am experienced in opening intimate, meaningful conversations around death and dying. This dialogue can be especially helpful when death is expected or imminent. Wisdom teachings and traditions from around the world may be drawn from to assist the one who faces death as well as those who will be living without their loved one.

If you would like to have a pastoral presence to compassionately accompany you or guide you through feelings, thoughts, fears, and hopes around death and dying, I hope you will call me to set up an appointment.

Fees for end-of-life support are the same as for spiritual and grief counseling. Please see FAQ’s.