Loss, death, and grief touch all of our lives. I am no exception. Like most people, I’ve felt the pain that follows the deaths of grandparents, extended family members, and friends. And, I’ve said good-bye to family pets. For me, though, the most heart wrenching losses occurred when my first husband, after a prolonged struggle, died from complications from a bone marrow transplant; when my mother received her terminal diagnosis on the same day my father was moved to hospice and they died nine weeks apart; and when, in March of 2016, our beautiful 14-yr-old granddaughter took her own life. I am well acquainted with the pain of grieving and the tasks that follow.

The moments, hours, and days immediately after the death of a loved one are one thing…. and living without them in the subsequent months and years is another.

When one’s heart has broken, the challenge of living can feel overwhelming. When it feels like life has fallen apart, it’s easy to lose your bearings. Sometimes the way you relate to your grief adds even more pain.

Grief counseling can help you find your way through that pain and into the reality of living in the world without your beloved.

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You have a wonderful gift to make a person feel comfortable around you right away and comfortable enough to be able to look at all the “tough” spots.Note from Former Client

Perhaps you feel a gentle inner nudging to try to embrace the sacred nature of your grief. It takes great courage to begin to consider that this grief is an important element of your life journey. If the perspective of mining your pain speaks to you, please allow me to help you.

As a certified grief counselor, minister, and chaplain, I can guide you through the hard, painful, yet necessary process of working through the four tasks of grieving. Our work together can help you connect to the wisdom that lies deep within you…just waiting to be heard.

My education and training in multi-faith spirituality and religion, clinical chaplaincy and pastoral care, grief counseling, and pastoral thanatology merge into a unique method of support and guidance.

I draw from diverse clinical, therapeutic, and spiritual practices for the practices that are perfect for you…practices that meet you where you are right now and will help you move into the reality of living in the world without your beloved.

Grief follows loss and loss comes in many forms. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of health, career, emotional and spiritual support systems, or the collapse of religious beliefs once held. Grief counseling can be beneficial for you, too.

Regardless of the source of your grieving, I count it an honor to see and hold an image of your wholeness at a time when you have forgotten and I commit to helping you find your way to that wholeness. You may learn more about Sacred Fields of Possibility on the Services page.