Appointment lengths vary, depending on the nature of the session. The goal is for a session to come to an end naturally, which usually occurs between 75 and 120 minutes.

Extended sessions (up to 3-4 hours) can be scheduled for situations that call for significantly more time and processing. Please inquire for more information.

Most appointments occur face to face in my office, but phone sessions and video conferencing (through Skype or Facebook) are choices for people who live outside of the Northwest Arkansas area.

Sessions generally include, but are not limited to:

  • Pastoral Presence, Encouragement, and Guidance
  • Compassionate Listening and Questioning
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Unwavering Support
  • Guided Meditation
  • Appropriate Use of Sacred Text, Music, Prayer, and/or Meditation
Jan offers a free 20-minutes initial consultation for free.

Jan’s fee per session ranges from $80-$155. You decide your fee. Most clients pay $100-$120 per session.

Clients with less fortune pay less than clients with more fortune. If your financial circumstances prohibit you from paying at least $80, please explain your situation when making your appointment and be sure to discuss when submitting your client forms.

As an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, I honor all religious, spiritual, and contemporary traditions as valid pathways to the Divine. I also welcome the spiritual-but-not-religious as well as non-theists. I find goodness, truth, beauty, and love everywhere.

I embrace inclusivity. Personally, spiritual practices from Buddhism, Christianity, A Course in Miracles, First Nation (Native American), Hinduism, Indigenous (Primal Religions), Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and the Twelve Steps are all meaningful to me.

Regardless of how, or if, you define God, or the divine, or “That Which is Greater than Ourselves,” we will find a comfortable space in these sacred fields of possibility. Please read more in Definitions on this page.

I find that sacred writing and teaching comes in many forms, including present-day figures, authors, poets, etc.

Regardless of race, age, gender, religious affiliation and spiritual practices, ethnic background, and sexual orientation, it is my pleasure to offer my services to anyone in need of them.

Grief, many kinds of loss, life transitions, intense frustration or confusion, and emotional/mental pain can nudge people to connect with someone who can accompany them through those hard times. I can help you find meaning, hope, and the courage to move forward in your life.

Many people find spiritual support in faith or religious communities. That’s wonderful! However, even individuals who are deeply committed to their religious communities can find it difficult to talk to their minister or pastor about the difficult times in life. I provide a space in which you can sincerely and openly talk about your faith, your questions, your doubt, your growth, and all of the ways you are drawn to connect with the Divine.

A greater number of people are choosing to forego involvement with a church. If you are without a faith community, your decision certainly doesn’t mean you do not have a spiritual life—and one that is full of experiences and questions and personal beliefs. Support is important to you, too, and you will find it here.

If you are interested in deepening your spirituality and wondering where to begin, give me a call. Together, we can:

  • Identify your spiritual beliefs or explore your current connection(s) with the Divine;

  • Examine any conflict between a set of beliefs and a personal path of inquiry, doubt, and/or growth;
  • Broaden your perspective of spirituality and the role it plays in your life;
  • Cultivate more curiosity, authenticity, compassion, or peace;
  • Address a profound restlessness, or relieve the weariness of an ego-driven journey;
  • Tell your life journey as a way to honor your life or heal some aspect of your spirit;
  • Receive support through your loss, crisis, or transition;
  • Relieve the weariness of ego-driven competition and consumerism.


The Divine
Many belief systems and spiritual paths refer to a creator, greater power, God, or Source. Through my interfaith studies, I have come to understand that all of those names and terms are pointing to the same Source.

The list of names and terms humans have used, and are still creating, to talk about this Source is inexhaustible…like the Source itself. And, every name holds a particular aspect of that Source. Each name resonates with something deep inside of us, depending on what is happening in our lives.

Referring to that source as The Divine feels more inclusive and comfortable for me, especially when creating safe spaces where individuals can freely share—regardless of their religious/spiritual background.

It is my intention to assist clients in accessing whatever spiritual truth they have within themselves, and my language during counseling and other services is spoken and written to reflect and support that goal.

aka Multi-faith or Spiritually Independent. These terms refer to a person who finds inherent truth, meaning, beauty, love, and intimate connection with the Divine on more than one spiritual path. Call this Divine Source what you may, It is greater than humans can ever imagine it to be; and that while all manifestation, expression, and awareness of life is in the Source, the Source is much greater than the sum of all of this.

This perspective holds that there is a universal, eternal, and principal philosophy undergirding all religion and spiritual paths; and any religious or spiritual path, seen through this perspective, can lead to the Divine and the sacred.

The spiritually independent are curious about many religions and spiritual paths and open to practicing them. Inevitably, we are continually being changed by those practices. We are intentional about deepening our connection the Divine.

the innermost desire and capacity to connect with That Which is Greater Than Ourselves (God, Source, The Divine, etc.) It’s profoundly personal. Beliefs may be shared by others or embraced by you alone. Spirituality provides a structure for human values and actions. It offers a lens through which we view our lives, and it includes our connectedness with other life —human, animal, and nature.
Spiritual Practice
A spiritual practice can be anything we do with intention and attention –the intention of connecting with That Which is Greater Than Ourselves and our willingness to be being fully attentive during the practice.
An individual that has been trained in a clinical and supervised setting in the art and science of effective pastoral care. This hard work triggers just about every emotion and unprocessed life issue; it demands deep self-knowledge; and it requires learning to use a set of skills that aren’t commonly found in other professions. One’s very presence becomes the primary tool used and setting aside personal preferences in regards to ideas, beliefs, religion, etc. is necessary so that can happen.