Spiritual Growth & Counseling

Rev. Jan,
As we ring in the new year, I realize that this letter is long overdue. When I called you after discovering my spouse’s affair, I was looking for a referral to a couple’s counselor. I’m so very glad that instead, you offered your services to “help us through the transition,” whether that meant staying together and overcoming this breach of trust or separating. Let me start by saying we are together two years later and probably deeper in love than ever; had we not decided to stay together, I believe we would have also been able to handle a split with grace and affection. I doubt it would have worked had someone tried to “keep” us together. You instead told us up front that you would only help us to reconnect as two people who had a very long shared history, and that the rest would be up to us to decide. In truth, you helped us recognize that we had a poor communications track record and years of baggage to unpack. As we moved through the sessions in your office and the assignments in between, we rediscovered one another and realized that ours was a life best shared with one another going forward. Thank you for your wisdom and insight, for the safe space that you created
for us, the tools we still use to keep our ears and hearts open, and for the warmth and friendship that simply emanated from you. I hope more couples uncertain about their future will find their way to you.With heartfelt thanks,Once Again, A Happy Couple

Spiritual Growth & Counseling

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer, I was afraid and looking for extra help outside of the medical community. I got the message “loud and clear” from three friends, “See Jan.” After one meeting and Reiki session, I had a definite spiritual shift. The change was amazing. Jan’s energy gave me courage and peace on a new level. I continue to see her to keep this gift in all areas of my life. Thank you, Jan.V.R.
Jan, Thank you again for helping me “weather” my storm. You have a gift that I admire and appreciate so much.

Spiritual Growth & Counseling

Since working with Jan, I’ve been able to face the things that have hindered me personally for years. The care and course of counsel she offers, guides and empowers one to face painful truths with strength and honesty, without fear of judgment or reservation. “…as iron sharpens iron” Jan is a smooth stone to which the Spirit uses to enlighten, heal, and recover one’s self for the restoration of spiritual “being.” I highly recommend her sessions to anyone wanting to enhance their spiritual and emotional life.L.A.W.

Grief Counseling & Support

Dear Jan,
I felt better just speaking to you the first time. Over the time we have spent together, I have been able to make great progress on getting my life together. You have helped me so much in my journey. Great to have a friend like you to see me through the tough times and celebrate with me during my successes.

You have a wonderful gift to make a person feel comfortable around you right away and comfortable enough to be able to look at all the “tough” spots.

Thank you so much for continuing to help me build resilience and appreciate my life!Kathy F.

Grief Counseling & Support

I’m not good at tracking time these days except when it comes to how long it’s been since I last saw Jersey. I have not been alone. Family, Friends, and the blessing of a lady who has become a friend as well, are what continues to help me through each day. Jan Huneycutt Lightner was woven into my life through God’s grace. I had gone to counseling and realized it was not for me. Wrong…..it came to be that going to one of my own accord was a mistake. When God stepped in that is when the healing began. Jan has been able to help my emotional needs as well as my spiritual needs. There is no watch or clock that says your hour is up when I am with her. She is gentle, kind, and knowing. I trust her completely. It doesn’t stop when I walk out of her office (office is not a good description. Offices are cold and business like. It is a peaceful place where I open my soul.) Always a phone call or text away she is always there. I love this lady and am so blessed that God has given me my own human angel. Thank You Jan for all you do and all that you are. You are a beautiful soul. Love and Light my friend.Vickie Price

Memorial Service

Dear Jan,
It has been over a year since my husband Don’s mom, Una, passed away at 98, and we just wanted to write and say how meaningful her memorial service was for us, then and now. Una lived in NWA only for the last few years of her life. You created a service that made everyone who attended feel like they – and you – had known Una forever, although the two of you had never met. Her last year had been especially hard on all due to her failing mental and physical health. The memorial service you conducted reminded us of whom she had been, the aspects of her life that we wanted to remember and cherish, and the spirit that she embodied until the end. We subsequently took her ashes to Mississippi where she was interred next to my husband’s dad; my brother-in-law arranged a traditional Catholic graveside service. It was a simple service, but generic. We were so grateful to have already said our goodbyes through your lovely and oh-so-personal memorial. It was a gift to all of us. Thank you.Michelle and Don Harvey

Wedding Ceremony

I had spent hours trying to find the perfect person to officiate mine and Thomas’ wedding.

From the moment she said hello on the phone, I knew Rev. Jan was who we wanted. So, What can we say about Rev. Jan Huneycutt Lightner? Words are the faintest of recognitions. From the personalized ceremony to working with our budget, Rev. Jan gave us more than we could have ever asked. She spent the time to get to know Thomas and I personally, emotionally and spiritually–not only as individuals, but us as a couple also. This made our time with Rev. Jan even more special.

One of our favorite things about Rev. Jan is her broad knowledge of spiritual and religious beliefs. This drew us more to her, as our family comes from a plethora of cultures. She was unbiased to our beliefs and accepted us for who we are. Sharing some insight of her spiritual journey with us only made us appreciate her even more.

Also, appreciated was the time spent meeting where the ceremony was taking place. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect for us, and left “no stone unturned”. From how we were entering for the union, to what/when music is playing, Rev. Jan really went out of her way to make it a special day.

When it came time to her writing our ceremony, Rev. Jan took the time to look up different cultural ceremonial traditions. Looking for something different than the traditional “unity candle” or “unity sand” (we were looking for something a little more unique), she came up with a modern twist on an old Spanish tradition. That really added that something special to our ceremony. We wanted to keep most of the ceremony a surprise for the day of the wedding, and surprise us she did. We wanted to incorporate something about a few loved ones who have passed. Rev. Jan wrote the most beautiful synopsis on them, which made us feel those loved ones were really there celebrating with us. Aside from the lesser of traditions of a wedding ceremony, she was also able to incorporate the religious and spiritual aspects of what traditionally makes a ceremony a spiritual union as well.

We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Rev. Jan. She went well above AND beyond our expectations, and has left the most memorable impression on our hearts. She made that moment one of the best moments of our lives. One hundred “thank you”s still wouldn’t express our gratitude and appreciations of Rev. Jan Huneycutt Lightner.Thomas & Heather P.

Wedding Ceremonies

Dear Rev. Jan,
Thank you so much again! We have heard so many wonderful things from our friends and family about your words and message for our ceremony. I shared with several people that when I first heard you give a message at the UU, your words and presence made me feel deeply at peace and present in the moment. When Silvia and I began discussing who we would want to officiate our ceremony, you immediately sprang to my mind, and having now had our big day, we’re certain that no one could have more perfectly reflected the spirit of our intentions. Our deepest thanks for all your love and support as we prepared for our wedding day, and we hope that you will remain a dear friend to us as we begin out new life together.
With warmest regards,Brad and Silvia
I’m not sure if I have ever been to or been a part of a wedding ceremony more personalized that ours. Jan listened to our requests and wishes and exceeded our expectations. Our wedding could not have been more perfect.

Wedding Ceremonies

Dear Jan,
I wanted to thank you for the most absolutely memorable ceremony I have ever been to. It was wonderful how you made this so special for Keenan, Erin & Kaylee. I could tell you put your heart and soul into everything preparing for this wedding. It was beautiful!
Sincerely,Chris Krumbholz
Dear Reverend Jan Huneycutt Lightner,

I’m writing today to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony you performed for our oldest daughter’s wedding on February 17, 2013.

It was obvious you took the time to prepare for the ceremony: It was thoughtful, loving and prepared specifically for the bride and groom. The most important and significant part of the wedding was how you incorporated our granddaughter into the ceremony. It made a very special moment for our family that much more special. I’m confident our granddaughter will always remember how you made her feel so very special at a significant event in her life.

Thank you again for making this day a very fond and memorable day.

Sincerely,Boyd Bryant